Madeira Embroidery Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Metallic Threads

Stranded Cotton Available in special pull-skeins of 10m of 6 stranded cotton in 378 solid colours. (ON SALE $1.00 PER SKEIN reduced from $1.30 

Stranded Silk Available in special pull-skeins of 5m of 4 stranded silk in 104 solid colours. Strand for strand, this silk is the same thickness as Madeira cotton floss.

Decora Stranded Rayon Four strand divisible high lustre rayon floss. 100% rayon/viscose. Easy to strand when required. Use especially when high lustre is required to develop a design in cross-stitch or satin stitch. In 80 colours.
   Jewel Holographic thread is a holographic reflective thread which presents a stunning decorative effect for hand or machine embroidery. In 100m reels.